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Join hubby and wife duo, Neil and Samantha Best (owners of Magma Design Group, Inc.), as they discuss all things related to landscape design & construction, business ownership, & life! Podcasts are sure to be filled with honesty, laughs, and inspiration.

“A Little Screwy” With Guest Thea Alvin | Episode 5

May 13th, 2020

"Builder, maker, dreamer. Not lazy." These may be the words that Thea Alvin uses to describe herself on her Instagram page (@theasunshine) but we'd like to add "innovative, humble, and superbly gracious." Thea is perhaps best known for her stone sculptures that defy gravity, but there is a whole world of work that she has created in her many years as an artist and stone mason. Her creativity seems endless and her connection to the landscape is intense. We hope that you will be as inspired as we are by hearing about Thea's journey and her philosophy about creativity.