Landscapes And Pancakes Podcast

Join hubby and wife duo, Neil and Samantha Best (owners of Magma Design Group, Inc.), as they discuss all things related to landscape design & construction, business ownership, & life! Podcasts are sure to be filled with honesty, laughs, and inspiration.

BadAss: With Guest John Hourihan | Episode 7

June 29th, 2020

Yup, we said it. When Neil broached the idea of having John Hourihan, owner of Vintage Builders and co-host of The Modern Craftsman podcast,  on Landscapes and Pancakes, "badass" is how he described him. And while there is certainly more to John than just a punchy attitude, he really caught our attention for his unabashed honesty in how he approaches his work, runs his builds, and his business philosophy. As a custom home builder with a keen attention to detail, we really wanted to explore how the business model of home construction is similiar to that of landscape construction and show the ways that each industry can learn from each other. John's take on the value of our industry, his insight into running a business, and his willingness to let Samantha vent a bit about builders, will leave you with your head spinning --it sure did for us (in a good way, of course).