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Join hubby and wife duo, Neil and Samantha Best (owners of Magma Design Group, Inc.), as they discuss all things related to landscape design & construction, business ownership, & life! Podcasts are sure to be filled with honesty, laughs, and inspiration.

Love, Peace, Patience, Humility: With Guest Paul Burton|Episode 6

June 11th, 2020

The world seems like a crazy place right now. But not all is negative. There are great people doing amazing work in our communities. A few years ago, we had the absolute pleasure of meeting Paul Burton. Paul's dad, Ron Burton Sr,. founded the Ron Burton Training Village in Hubbarston, MA. Ron's vision was to create a place where kids could grow and learn to become outstanding people. Using sports as a medium to get there, the campers commit to a seven year journey that teaches them to overcome life's challenges and to value others before themselves.  This is a truly magical place, and part of that magic stems from Ron's initial commitment to creating beautiful spaces in the village. He often said that "beautiful spaces bring beautiful thoughts." This is a testament to the power of outdoor spaces and is a reminder that the Green Industry plays a pivotal role in creating harmonious communities. Take a listen! This is truly inspiring!